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Grants Awarded | Casamance

Comité Régional de Solidarité des Femmes pour la Paix en Casamance (USOFORAL)
Ziguinchor, Senegal

In 1999, women's organizations working for peace in conflict-torn Casamance came together in a forum that led to the birth of USOFORAL, meaning "Let's join hands" in the Diola language. USOFORAL's mission is to support the leadership of women and women's organizations to participate effectively in the realization of lasting peace in the Casamance region. Since 2003, USOFORAL has been working to set up local peace committees, to develop and document the peace-building experiences of rural women, to support the emergence of strong rural women's organizations, and to put peace education into practice in local communities. USOFORAL has a membership base of rural women and actively puts its members in contact with financial and technical partners to bring additional resources to support their objectives.

2015$84,000,0001 year
This grant enables USOFORAL to strengthen rural women’s organizational capacity through community grants. The groups use the funds to run an agroecological center founded last year in Tobor, near Zinguincho, but also to upgrade their organization's headquarters located in remote rural areas. The focus of the agroecology center is transforming and marketing value-added agricultural and natural resource products.
2014$140,4151 year
This grant enables USOFORAL to support the social and economic empowerment of four federations of rural women’s organizations in the communes of Nyassia, Oulampane, Enampor, and Adéane of Casamance, Senegal.
2012$9,6476 months
This supplementary grant supports the completion of the project "Saving for Change”
2011$2,3196 months
This grant enables two staff members to participate in a financial management training in Dakar, Senegal.
2011$4,0116 months
With this grant, USOFORAL is holding a convening with other community grantmakers in Casamance to explore the establishment of a combined fund for rural women in Casamance.
2010$6,2056 months
This grant enables seven rural women members of USOFORAL to participate in the World Social Forum in Dakar, Senegal in February 2011. The women are organizing and participating in activities aimed at raising awareness of their organization’s work and the realities of their situation in Casamance.
2009$88,9201 year
This grant enables USOFORAL to provide a community grant to the rural women’s network REFECE, for institutional support and to finance income-generating activities for its members. It also supports the development of a network of 19 rural women’s groups in Nyassia with training in financial and organization management, advocacy, and communication. With this grant, USOFORAL also supports Oulampane’s women’s groups to hold their founding general assembly.
2009$1,9736 months
This grant enables a staff member of USOFORAL to attend a convening in Mbour, Senegal, with the purpose of strengthening and improving the quality and effectiveness of community grantmaking programs.
2008$32,4901 year
This grant is for USOFORAL to support rural women from 25 villages in Nyassia District to organize into groups, build organizational capacity and establish a network, similar to the REFECE network. Also, USOFORAL will continue to support REFECE with a community grant enabling it to mobilize rural women as activists for women’s rights and basic community services and infrastructure.
2008$11,0106 months
This grant enables USOFORAL to complete a three-year plan for establishment of a resource center.
2008$8,0706 months
This grant enables a staff and a community member of USOFORAL to be part of a rural women’s delegation attending the 2008 AWID International Forum on Women’s Rights and Development, in Cape Town, South Africa, with the purpose of sharing knowledge, building connections, and informing strategies.
2007$8,0416 months
This grant is for USOFORAL to provide a community grant and technical assistance to a network of rural women’s groups (REFECE). The grant enables REFECE to develop an action plan and increase its communication capacity enabling effective coordination of its activities and improvement of its organization.
2007$13,0161 year
This grant enables USOFORAL to develop a plan to establish a women’s training and conference center for peace and sustainable development. This concept emerged out of the self-reflection process supported by a previous grant. It also enables USOFORAL to continue offering trainings to local women in areas such as non-violent conflict management and network building.
2006$7,3246 months
This grant enables the participation of a representative from USOFORAL at the World Social Forum 2007 in Nairobi, Kenya. USOFORAL plans to present an exhibition that showcases stories of twelve women from the Casamance conflict.
2006$7,1281 year
This grant enables USOFORAL to provide a community grant and technical assistance to a rural women’s group in Casamance with which USOFORAL has worked since 1999. The community grant supports the group to establish itself as a federation of rural women’s organizations, conduct trainings in women’s leadership and civic participation, and establish a revolving fund for members.
2006$7,5001 year
USOFORAL stands at a crossroads as peace becomes established in the Casamance after two decades of conflict. This grant enables USOFORAL to carry out a self-reflection process to assess its capacity and priorities for supporting rural women in Casamance in the coming years. USOFORAL expects to develop its mission, goals, and strategies, as well to produce a functional plan for mobilizing resources and implementing its program.

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